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Getting to Know

Heather Godfrey

Growing Up

I grew up in a sweet town, Alexandria, MN and was blessed to have amazing parents and an older brother (I always tease him that I was the “favorite”)! I grew up wanting to always lead the group and I think so much of my childhood experiences helped shape who I have become. Between dance, basketball, volleyball and softball I was always active and I know this is where my love for sports and specifically the team setting I love so much stemmed from.

on a mission

I live a life of helping others feel their best mentally and physically. Being an athlete has fueled my desire to want to lead, helped me realize the importance of nutrition and using it properly, made me care about my body and mind and lastly shown me that is okay to take time for myself. I feel my best and thrive in all other areas of my life when these areas are my focus. I’ve learned that we need to give ourselves 100% before we can give everyone else 100%. It is not selfish, it is self-care! My mission is to help create balance and success in all of these areas in the lives of as many people as I can.

what ignites me

Anything outdoors, especially being on the lake, paddle boarding, kayaking, hunting, spending time with my husband Jon (my high school sweetheart) and our sweet little fur baby, Tucker.


Being with my incredible friends and family, traveling, reading, learning, creating, playing around in the kitchen, meditating, teaching, laughing, drinking coffee, yoga, naps, leggings, fashion, networking, creating goals, leading group fitness classes, speaking, researching, attending conferences, working out, hiking, doing burpees, (I am not kidding - I love them!) and lastly getting massages and other spa services.

Heather Godfrey on stairs

My Goal:

Helping You Ignite Your Life.

my motto

Jon and I have an ultimate goal that we constantly make our vision: “To Make Every Day A Saturday!” That is the definition of success for us.


Anthony Robbins definition for success is - to do what we want, when we want, with who we want! A little work, a little self-development, a little sweat action and a whole lot of loving everything about our days!

I am so glad and honored you're here!

I can't wait to spend more time with you getting to know you, your goals and helping you find your personal success.